History of Fort No. 11 - Dönhof

Fort No. 11 is a fortification of the citadel city of Königsberg, one of the fifteen main forts built in 1877-1881.

The original name of the fort was 'Seligenfeld', but in 1894 it was renamed in honor of the count. Friedrich von Dönhoff (1639–1696), Governor-General of Memel (now Klaipeda, Lithuania) and owner of the Friederichstain estate (now the village of Kamenka). The fort has a rectangular outline and is surrounded by a moat. The central structure is protected by an earth embankment. The inner rooms and two courtyards are located symmetrically to the central aisle.

В ходе атаки на Кенингсберг форт № 11 был взят сводным отрядом младших лейтенантов 11-й гвардейской армии около 13 часов 7 апреля 1945 года.

В этом бою сержант Гвардейская армия А.Елизаров и рядовой Гвардейской армии Н. Андрусенко погибли как герои и были похоронены на территории форта.

By the Decree of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region No. 132 of 23.03.2007, the fort was given the status of a cultural heritage site of regional significance.

The fort is currently open to visitors. There are excursions, archery competitions, a shooting range, themed corporate parties, quests, and other interesting events.